Discover the Cutting-Edge Features of NEJE's Max 4 E80 Laser Engraver and Unlock New Possibilities for Your Projects

Discover the Cutting-Edge Features of NEJE's Max 4 E80 Laser Engraver and Unlock New Possibilities for Your Projects

Neje has been somewhat fading off into the distance when it comes to the diode laser space, but we have to say DAMN! The Neje 4 looks like it's setting a bit of a bar for everybody else.

With a working area of 750 (X) * 460 (Y) * 45 (Z) mm, and the Y-axis track extendable to 1030mm, the Max 4's 3-dimensional design supports simultaneous processing of various items with different thicknesses, resulting in a 400% increase in work efficiency compared to an ordinary 400x400mm frame. This means it can work on multiple projects, on the same cutting bed, at one time - even if they are different heights/thicknesses. Thats a pretty new feature for the diode laser space. It is able to accomplish this because of its new "motor driven z axis" which uses a stepper motor to raise and lower the module to accommodate different materials automatically.

A truly interesting design, the NEJE MAX 4 E80 has solved the problem of high-power module fire using its Z-axis layer-by-layer cutting mode and unique optical cutter design, allowing for safe cutting of 17mm pine wood without fire, even without air assist. It can adjust its z height while cutting, automatically, to make sure the beam is cutting at a deeper level on every pass. This allows for cutting efficiency to be increased by 200%, higher than that of a 40W (optical power) module. This really is a great feature and will, no doubt, be standard on high output module lasers in the coming years.

The NEJE E80's beautiful optical design ensures power density and beam angle reach a perfect state, even with slightly less power than the 40W module, it can still reach the same cutting speed, and with smaller notches, avoiding trapezoidal and XY asymmetry problems.

Wirelessly transmit Lightburn working files and control the device using NEJE's built-in virtual instruction mode and Bluetooth technology, allowing for professional multi-layer files to be transmitted and controlled without being stuck on your computer. And with the "One Key Start" function, you can skip the SD card issues.

Get a little feel of CNC with the included drawing pen, which can draw images and paths, and handle your marketing materials that would otherwise destroy your hands. With a processing speed of 24000 mm/min, it's faster than a 400 mm frame's peak speed, and the repeated positioning accuracy of Y and Z axes reaches 0.001mm, making it a very precise and accurate machine.

The MAX 4 laser is a serious machine with top-notch industrial-grade structural accuracy. They calibrated every single part with high-precision industrial master machines, which means it's crazy accurate and super stable. Plus, they built it to be anti-jitter so you don't have to worry about weird ripples messing up your precision drawing. The X axis of the machine is equipped with an industrial linear rail, while the Y axis uses a classic v wheel track, from what we can tell, although they are claiming that it is some sort of upgraded extrusion design. This design ensures greater precision and longer lifespan of the machine.

Compatible with all 12V and 24V modules of NEJE (only E80 is 24V module at present), the NEJE MAX 4 E80 Laser Engraver can handle different materials and process requirements, making it the ultimate solution for fast and precise cutting and engraving. Don't miss out on this presale for the next 30-40 days. It is $999 until the presale is over, then it goes up to $1399.


For you more tech savvy people - here are the specs:
The NEJE MAX 4 E80 Laser Engraver boasts a pulse optical power of 24W and a CW optical power of 21W. It has a frame size of 970x582x60mm and a working area of 750x460mm, which can be extended to 750x1030mm.

The machine has an XY-axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.01mm and a Z-axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.001mm. It can control up to four axes, including X, Y, Z, and A. The input voltage is 24V, which matches the module voltage. The machine is equipped with limit switches for XYZ, and its maximum move speed is 750mm/s.

It supports GRBL offline control, M7, M8, door extension, app control, MEMS, NEJE software OTA upgrade, and vertical carving (90°). The NEJE MAX 4 E80 Laser Engraver can be operated with Win 7/Win 8/Win 10, Android, iOS, ipadOS, and macOS, and supports various file formats, including GC, SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, and others.

The laser has a focus size of 0.1x0.1mm and an input of 24V 5A, and weighs 600g. It has four diodes and supports both TTL and PWM modulation. The input interface is PH2.0-4Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL, Temperature), 3Pin (+,-, PWM/TTL), 2Pin+2Pin (+,-) + (PWM/TTL,-), and it has an adapter plug of 5.5 2.1 port. The machine also features a quiet design that can adjust the fan according to the working state.


Clocks, multi-layer combinations.
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