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King Gubby

8'' x 20'' Charco Laser Enclosure Filter Plus

8'' x 20'' Charco Laser Enclosure Filter Plus

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8" x 20'' Standard Carbon Air Filter. This filter eliminates 99.5% of all odors using 100% Virgin Activated Carbon. It features a pre-installed flange and fits in both our small and large tents. This lightweight filter has an average life span of about 6 months to 1 year (depending on burn rate). Activated Carbon inside is what sets these filters apart from the competition.

These filters will purify the air and eliminate most odors. These high-quality filters clean out a large portion of dust, smoke, & particles that could affect your health. We recommend using this filter in conjunction with our 8" Fan for optimum efficiency as they were designed to handle the same pressures.


- 548 cfm
- 99.5% Odor removing capability
- 8" flange pre-installed
- Pre-filter included
- 20'' filter bed
- Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon

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