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King Gubby

Air Compressor/Pump for King Gubby Air Assists

Air Compressor/Pump for King Gubby Air Assists

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Reduction Valve Add-on

The AquaVita Air Pumps are great for adding the amount of PSI needed to your engraving/cutting projects, especially when used in conjunction with our air assists. These very quiet commercial pumps feature a double diaphragm for long lasting reliability. All models have a 5’ power cord. 

All of the pumps that the laser engraver companies are selling are too low of airflow to be effective. We recommend at least 35L/minute and think that 75L/min is ideal. See image for comparison.

All Pumps and Tents have a 12 month manufacturer warranty!


Things to remember when picking your air assist:
- The more air the better for cutting (to a certain point). We have found the 75L to be the most optimal for all-around laser usage. Lower liters per minute pumps will work for keeping your lens clean and improve charring but will be less effective for cutting. 

- The length of the air tubing that you run from your pump to your nozzle will also affect your burn - the longer the hose, the less pressure you will have at the nozzle. We recommend not using over 6 feet of air tubing.

- Nozzle size also effects your air assist system. Our air assists come standard with a 2mm diameter nozzle (exit point). With higher volume pumps you will want to also increase your nozzle size to allow for the air to exit the tubing faster. Our Nozzle Packs have different shapes and diameter nozzle to experiment with and help you find your perfect airflow.


King Gubby's shop recommendation for engraving:

- We are using the 75L/min pump for engraving, and we have found that to be the best output for that purpose, although the lower pumps also work well, our testing has shown the 75L to be optimal.

Watch the video:

- The 110L/min pump is for dual or multi-laser setups. If you purchase the 110L pump, you will need to add-on the reduction fitting and splitter option (unless you have another way you are planning on splitting the airflow to each laser. This is a great setup for our Mega Enclosure Tent - 2 Lasers (400mm x 400mm or less) in one enclosure, with a single air pump running the air assists.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. The pumps come with brass hose barbs which are size-specific to the corresponding pump size (L/min). There is also about 6 inches of rubber hosing that comes with the pump that is the appropriate size to fit over the brass barb. We supply you with a hose barb reducer with any air assist that you purchase. Any pump above 65L/min will need this reduction fitting to connect your pump hose to the 6mm air tubing that you will use for your air assist. FYI - King Gubby's air tubing is 6mm outer diameter and 4mm inner diameter.


Notes - These are commercial air pumps they are heavier duty than a simple goldfish tank for your room, they will not be "silent" pumps. They also do not have on/off switches (as we mention in the videos), so you may want to add a surge protector with a switch or a smart outlet for ease of turning on/off. You can find one that we recommend here.




Air Dividers Included - but not needed for our air assists.
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