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King Gubby

Atomstack A5 Stackable Brick Feet | Compatible with Common Building Bricks to Raise Your Machine (Bricks Not Included)

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Atomstack A5 Stackable "Brick" Feet

Secure your Atomstack laser engraver's feet while easily raising and lowering the height of your entire laser. With our stackable "brick" feet, just add or subtract Duplo Lego blocks to change your laser's height as needed. Super simple to use and compatible with the Duplo Lego 2x4 bricks that your child has lying around their room. Please refer to image about Lego brick sizing. Bricks can be found here

Watch the video here (the video is for an Ortur laser but shows the overall install and utility of all of our Brick Feet in general).

Uses 2x4 blocks (Lego Bricks not included) These work with the large style bricks.

Set of 4 feet - Comes with "bottoms" to mount to waste board and "tops" that your laser's feet sit in/on.

Screw bottom plates to your table or surface, add blocks/bricks to the top until you reach the desired height. Make sure all four brick stacks are even and place KGD branded top brick on top. Then place your Atomstack's stock feet into the slits on the top.

The holes on the outside of the feet are 4mm and the 4 inside holes are 3.8mm in diameter and the plate is 3mm high

NOTE - STACKABLE BRICKS NOT INCLUDED - If you need bricks, they are HERE

TIP -To increase your production rate, you can buy multiple sets of the brick bottoms to quickly exchange waste boards and have them pre-prepped.