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King Gubby

Atomstack Z Axis Adjuster | Works with M30 M40 M50 A10 S10 (Standard, Pro, & Pro+)

Atomstack Z Axis Adjuster | Works with M30 M40 M50 A10 S10 (Standard, Pro, & Pro+)

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Bit-Drive & Knob Upgrade?

Upgrade your Atomstack laser with the industry standard Z Axis Adjuster by King Gubby. Say goodbye to frustration with the stock Atomstack Slider and hello to quick and easy focus adjustments with our rigid and lightweight Z Axis Adjuster.

With 50mm of Z travel, our adjuster allows for precise focus adjustments, and you can easily use it with your stock slider for quick module swapping and upgrades. Additionally, our Z Axis Adjuster is highly versatile and allows you to adapt most other modules to your frame. Whether you want to try out an Ortur, Neje, or Scuplfun module, our Z Axis Adjuster can attach all of those to your Atomstack.

Installation is simple and quick, and we provide a 4mm allen T-handle wrench to help you get started. If you are purchasing knobs, please keep in mind that the bit-drive depicted in the images is shorter than the one that comes with this laser. The one that currently comes with the laser is about 4.5 inches long (at the hexagonal shaft).

Upgrade your laser machine with the King Gubby Z Axis Adjuster and experience quick and easy focus adjustments. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with installation. We are always trying to improve, and we will always do our best to make sure you have a product that works for you.

This Z Axis works with the following Atomstack (Standard, Pro, & Pro+) lasers:

This Z Axis does not work on the P series or the A5, S20, or S30. Reach out if you are interested in helping us design for those lasers.



Originally from the design (I Have permission and pay royalties)
By PLAY3Rone977
Remixed by paulmacdermot
The T-Handle wrench is designed by Kezat
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