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King Gubby

Charcuterie Corner Jig Set For Router Tables

Charcuterie Corner Jig Set For Router Tables

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Fancy up the corners of your projects by templating the router work. Simply, place the desired Radial Tip onto the Alignment Bracket and fasten them together with the provided hardware. Then place the Jig on the corner of your project to cut perfect corners every time! With 4 different radius options, you can choose the best radius for your needs. The Dual Finger Grips give you unparalleled traction and control when routing.

Use the Measuring Slit to mark perfectly placed drill holes for grommets and feet on the bottom of your charcuterie boards. Simply pull the jig into position on the corner (bottom) of your project and mark the desired distance from the corner. Drill pilot holes and screw on your foot - perfect placement & distance every time! Slotted to accommodate large carpentry pencils.

Included Radial Tips:

These routing jigs are meant to be used with router tables. We do not advise the use of these with hand routers.


We are going to be releasing tons of different Radial Tips. Until we have every option available, feel free to reach out to us and ask for specific measurements.


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