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King Gubby

Honeycomb Cutting Bed Risers & Mounts | Set Your Cutting Board At The Right Height To Cut

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Are you looking to do some cutting with your laser? Did you buy a honeycomb bed? These mounts give your bed the perfect height and stability that you need to cut with your diode laser. One of the easiest ways to start a fire with your laser is when there is buildup of debris in your honeycomb bed - it basically acts as kindling. 

We created the Honeycomb Bed Mounts so that all of the debris from your cutting projects falls down, out of the bed, and to the bottom of your cutting area. This ensures that there is no build up in between your honeycombs and makes for easy cleaning. You can even burn several projects in a row and not have anything stuck in there. We recommend having a cooking pan underneath to catch all of the debris. Simply remove the pan periodically and dump into a trash can. Easiest way to clean your laser area.

When using these bed mounts, you will need to lift your laser to account for the extra height. You can accomplish this with our Stackable Brick Feet and 12 of our Height Adjusting Bricks.

You can find them here 👇

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