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Neje Air Assist For 30W, 40W, & 80W Neje Modules

Neje Air Assist For 30W, 40W, & 80W Neje Modules

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Introducing the King Gubby NEJE Air Assist, the perfect addition to your laser engraving setup. This powerful accessory is designed to work with the NEJE 30W, 40W, & 80W laser engraving modules, making it the ultimate tool for achieving professional-quality results.

The NEJE Air Assist is designed to improve the performance of your laser engraving and cutting by providing a steady stream of air to the kerf. This helps to clear away smoke and debris, resulting in a cleaner, more precise engraving or cut. Additionally, the Air Assist also helps to extend the life of your module by keeping your lens clean.

The Air Assist is easy to install and comes with everything you need to get started. The compact design does not interfere with your acrylic shield, allowing you to continue to use it for added safety during operation. The high-quality construction ensures that the Air Assist will last for a long time, and the durable materials used ensures that it can withstand the rigors of frequent use.

With King Gubby's customer support team standing by to assist you, you can be sure that you will have a smooth and successful installation. Don't settle for a sub-par laser engraving experience. Upgrade to King Gubby's NEJE Air Assist today and experience the difference. With its easy access design, compatibility with your stock acrylic shield, and better airflow to the nozzle, it's the perfect addition to your NEJE 30W, 40W, & 80W laser engraving module. Order now and take the first step towards better laser engraving results.

We now have pumps available starting at only $38.95

Left side (of module) or right are available!

Why 19mm?
Watch this video and see why we designed around these specs -

-Attachment Bracket
-2 x Universal Joints
-Air Nozzle / Air Hose Attachment Point (22mm length by 2mm diameter tip size)
-We recommend you get our KGD specific silicone air hosing as it is designed for our product (optional add-on).

Tools Required:
2mm allen wrench

-Assemble the Air Assist
-Unscrew the 2 lower screws (on either left or right side depending on the product you purchased) which attach the laser shield to the module.
-Place Air Assist bracket onto the module, making sure to line up the holes in the attachment plate to the holes in the acrylic.
-Secure the Air Assist with the stock screws from the Neje that were just removed.
-Install your 6mm hose (not supplied). Soft silicone tubing is recommended. Add-on available in this listing.
-Guide hose through the hose guide hole next to the KGD logo and up to the stepper area.
-Secure hose with zip ties to the wire loom.
-Place Nozzle at 45 Degrees 2-3mm from laser dot on workpiece.
-Create some art!

*The laser and hose shown is for illustrative purposes only and is not part of the offer.

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