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Ortur Laser Master 2 Belt Tensioners (Standard Model Frame, Not Pro Model)

Ortur Laser Master 2 Belt Tensioners (Standard Model Frame, Not Pro Model)

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This set of 3 Belt Tensioners for the Ortur Laser Master 2 (LM2) lets you adjust the belt tension on your laser engraver super easily. Finally, you can achieve perfect tension without all the headache pf the stock system. Quickly and simply adjust the knobs when you are getting some belt slippage. No more having to pull the belt and hope the tension is good enough. Now you can get it set and keep it set.
Watch Jim from Edge of Tech set them up:

Hand tighten or loosen the threaded knob to make the adjustment. That's it!

Please refer to this video for tension

You may need to replace your belts with longer ones. To see if your belts are long enough, you need to remove the washers that previously locked your belt on the side that you install the tensioners (the back) and see if there is enough slack to have about 5 inches of slack to work with while installing.

X belt needs to be at least 625mm
Y belt needs to be at least 640mm
These are the minimum, if you are cutting belt off a roll leave a little extra

Remix of the belt tensioner by Misterguru
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