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Neje Module Adapter - Z Axis Adjuster

Neje Module Adapter - Z Axis Adjuster

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This Z Axis Adjuster can mount a Neje Module (30, 40, 80 watts only) to an Ortur Frame.  Our Z Axis Adjuster gives you 50mm of Z travel to quickly focus your laser. Comes with a t-handle wrench (that hangs from the rail of your laser for safe keeping). This also can be used to attach you Neje 30W, 40W, & 80W to your Ortur frame!

Includes U-block to work as a spacer (see photos), though we recommend just moving the end stop and not using the spacer.

Simply remove the acorn nuts then remove the plate that your laser module is attached to. See the photos on how to attach to z adjuster then reinstall on your carriage.

Uses 4mm allen wrench to adjust, includes Tool Holder and T-Handle wrench

**This does not work with the Neje frame, only the Ortur, so you can use it as an adapter to attach your Neje module (30W, 40W, 80W) to your Ortur (square) frame.
If you need the Neje Z Axis, it can be found here


ALSO - Neje 30W, 40W, & 80W modules can be found here. With our Z Axis Adjuster, you can attach your Neje module without having to buy their frame. It will attach right to your Ortur frame. Make sure your power supply and module use the same voltage!




Originally from the design (I Have permission and pay royalties)
By PLAY3Rone977
Remixed by paulmacdermot
The T-Handle wrench is designed by Kezat
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