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King Gubby

Ortur PRO MODEL Laser Master 2 Stackable Brick Feet

Ortur PRO MODEL Laser Master 2 Stackable Brick Feet

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Extra Bottom Set for Additional Waste Board?

Introducing the Ortur Pro Model Laser Master 2 Stackable Brick Feet, the ultimate solution for adding stability and support to your laser engraving machine. These feet are made of durable materials and are stackable, which means you can add or remove DUPLO Legos as needed to adjust the height of your laser.

Not only are these feet designed to provide a stable base for your laser engraver but they also have a fun twist to them, you can use DUPLO Legos to raise your laser to the perfect height, making it easy to work with taller materials. With just 7 Legos (for each foot, so 28 total) you will be able to raise your laser enough to use the Ortur rotary attachment.

The Stackable Brick Feet are designed to fit securely around the bottom of the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro's feet, providing support and stability. Plus, they are easy to install.

Don't settle for a wobbly laser engraving experience, upgrade to King Gubby's Stackable Brick Feet today, and experience the difference. With its easy access design, compatibility with DUPLO Legos, and ability to raise your laser to the perfect height for using the rotary attachment, it's the perfect addition to your Ortur Pro Model Laser Master 2. Order now and take the first step towards better laser engraving results with a fun twist.

King Gubby's Stackable Bricks can be found here. These use 2x4 blocks (Legos/Bricks not included) These work with the large style bricks (see image).

Set of 4 feet
Screw bottom plates to your table or surface, add blocks/bricks to the top until you reach the desired height. Make sure all four brick stacks are even and place KGD branded top brick on top. Then place your PRO MODEL Ortur Laser Master 2's stock feet into the slits on the top.
The holes on the outside of the feet are 4mm and the 4 inside holes are 3.8mm in diameter and the plate is 3mm high
NOTE - STACKABLE BRICKS NOT INCLUDED - If you need bricks, there are HERE
TIP -To increase your production rate, you can buy multiple sets of the brick bottoms (Extra Bottom Set option) to quickly exchange waste boards and have them pre-prepped. These are not bricks, but are just the bottom attachments that get screwed down to your wasteboard. By having multiple wasteboards, you can prep your next project and simply lift your entire laser and place it on the next wasteboard, and snap the bricks into place.
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