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King Gubby

Sculpfun S10 Z Axis Adjuster

Sculpfun S10 Z Axis Adjuster

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Would You Like To Add A Knob?
Designed for the Sculpfun S10

We created the industry standard Z Axis Adjuster for the Sculpfun. Rigid, lightweight, and simple to use. Easily adjust the height and focus of your laser module with our Z Axis Adjuster. Gives you 50mm of Z travel for quick and easy focus. The lightweight design helps to keep unnecessary weight off your gantry while adding the versatility of Z travel.

4mm allen T-handle wrench included, but you can always get the Bit Drive & Knob Upgrade to make fine tuning your focus extra simple and more calculable. One full turn of one of our knobs is equal to one millimeter of height adjustment.

Installation is simple and quick, and we are always there to answer any questions.


Originally from the design (I Have permission and pay royalties)
By PLAY3Rone977

Remixed by paulmacdermot

The T-Handle wrench is designed by Kezat

Knobs designed by Perinski

Knobs designed by Kezat
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